Acupuncture helps support your body's innate ability for self healing. Sessions teach your body to go into a relaxed (parasympathetic) state, providing an atmosphere for improving pain levels, digestion, immune response, quality of sleep, and much more.   

Our approach favors extra gentle methods that primarily focus on working with the hara (abdomen), a powerfully influential energy center of the body. Incorporating this style of acupuncture with guided breath-work and other bodywork techniques supports a deep level of relaxation and energy healing effects.   

Acupuncture sessions are influenced by Japanese and Esoteric styles as well as other contemporary models that honor the 6 directions, the chakra system, and other energy medicine concepts. This approach supports slow medicine, heart-centered care, reflection, receptivity, and self-kindness.

Sessions are most often combined with other bodywork and energy medicine techniques to encourage the relaxation response while gently stimulating your body to activate its own self healing mechanisms.

This relaxation focused acupuncture style does not chase symptoms. It is not to be viewed as a band-aid or quick fix for pain or other symptoms. It always uses a holistic (body, mind, spirit) approach that can be further enhanced by positive lifestyle changes outside of sessions. This method offers a powerful tool that can be utilized for self growth and personal healing. It works at a deep level, offering nourishing support to the entire body-mind-spirit system.

Specialty Focus Areas Include: 

  • Anxiety

  • PTSD & trauma

  • Addictions

  • Depression

  • Stress reduction

  • Emotional balance

  • Chronic pain conditions

‚ÄčAcupuncture's benefits are exponentially increased through personal growth work and lifestyle modification. In fact, they are necessary components if you wish to harness the full range of benefits that acupuncture can offer. Acupuncturists are meant to be wellness educators above all else. This medicine embraces a holistic process that includes diet, thought patterns, movement, and more.  When the underlying patterns that cause imbalances are not addressed and changed, symptoms will continue to repeat themselves.


Our licensed acupuncturist is Mellie.

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