Brianna Traut

Currently has a waiting list

Provides services in CCS, PSP, and Choices

Substance Use Recovery Coaching

Peer Support

Family and Parenting Support

Reentry Support

Independent living skills


Substance use challenges

Youth to adults

Individuals and families 

Brianna has a vast amount of lived experience in overcoming life’s challenges. She is a graduate of Eau Claire County Treatment Court, as well as an active member in the Court’s mentorship program. Brianna utilizes her past experiences by helping people who are currently in treatment court overcome obstacles and become active members in the community. 

Brianna has struggled with substance abuse issues and now has been sober for over 2 years. Brianna does not regret her past, but rather looks at it as a tool to help people who may be struggling and who need someone to shine a light in the right direction. Helping people through life challenges is something Brianna is very passionate about and takes very seriously. Time spent in therapeutic settings has made Brianna knowledgeable in family reunification as well as different coping tools to help in stressful situations. She has gone through dialectal behavior therapy (DBT), receiving a certificate for her personal completion of that process. Brianna is currently enrolled at CVTC getting her associate’s degree in liberal arts, heading toward a bachelor’s in substance abuse counseling. She continues to be an active member in AA and NA. As a recovery coach, she has taken the basic training, along with ethics and professionalism supplemental trainings.

Time spent away from work is with her son Rowan, who is two months old. Brianna likes to spend time with her sister and nephew doing different activities within the community and working on personal wellness goals. A couple areas of wellness that Brianna is focused on in 2020 are implementing CrossFit into her workout routines, and educating herself on healthy eating. Brianna enjoys watching movies and doing crafts such as making her own jewelry. Brianna loves reading and is always looking for something new to learn.