Rachel Hayden

Currently has a wait list

Provides services in CCS, Choices

Martial Arts/Tai Chi/Meditation

Peer Support

Recovery Coaching

Music/Creative Expression
Chronic Pain Support

Youth through Adult


Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

Rachel brings her talents to Milkweed Connections to support people of all ages to explore how mind-body arts, peer support, and creativity can build emotional resilience and awareness, and increase physical well-being. She utilizes a modern understanding of neuroscience to keep up-to-date on the current evidence and best practices available. Her background in these areas also informs her peer support work.

"I grew up in a small Wisconsin town, and never felt like I belonged. This sense of being an 'outcast' followed me into adult life. I tried talk therapy, treatment for ADHD, and my own 'treatment' of excessive partying to try to get help. Nothing quite got to my core issues until I discovered the mind-body arts. Through these, I realized that my misery was both 'in my body' and my mind, and that self-awareness was a key to freeing myself and developing as a human being. 


As a proud member of the LGBT+ community, and someone with ADHD, I understand how being neurodivergent can be very difficult. This also gives me a soft spot for everyone who feels like they don't 'belong' in their corner of the world. My greatest joy is using mind-body arts to help people bring out the best in themselves!"

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