David Carlson

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Fitness Coaching


Substance Use Recovery Coaching

Incarceration Re-Entry

Military Veteran Mentoring

Children through Adults

Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

Formerly Incarcerated or At Risk of Incarceration

David’s most unique trait is his relentless curiosity; it has been by far the greatest asset in reshaping his life.  During David’s wide array of life experiences, at every step, he has researched and sought out the larger meanings to his circumstances, and how they related to the larger societal scope.  In all his searching and contemplation, David came to realize he has learned the most through his interactions with others.

David grew up in an extremely impoverished and addicted environment.  His home life was one constant criminal scheme after another on the part of the adults who were responsible for his and his siblings’ welfare.  He traversed the juvenile justice system, the adoption system, and eventually a new community where he was different from everyone else.  He later joined the Army National Guard and was deployed on two tours to Iraq.  Having escaped the physical environment of his youth, he neglected to address the mental and emotional anchors that were preventing him from progressing past initial learned behaviors.  Combat only reinforced these patterns.   

After Iraq, David went through multiple VA Hospital mental health and addiction programs.  He eventually ended up in jail and prison.  The most remarkable thing happened at this point however; all the research, all the fighting, all the experience finally led him to realize he could take absolute accountability for his own life.  With this new empowerment, and once free again for the final time, David went back to school to learn how to most effectively communicate his experiences to others.  In his words, “we are divided merely by the inability to communicate; so many hardships could be prevented if we could actually say what we meant without disruption or misinterpretation.”

First and foremost, David is a father and a husband.  In addition, he is an outdoors hobbyist, an Olympic lift enthusiast, a CrossFit athlete and coach, a writer, a former boxer and mixed martial arts competitor, an avid reader, and a student of just about anything that sparks his interests!