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Dominique Stewart

Currently has availability

Provides services in CCS


Creative Arts


Peer Support

Youth through Adult

Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

Music is a powerful wellness tool because music is accessible to people in a variety of ways. People can listen to a playlist of songs that lift their mood or engage in music learning lessons that stimulate different parts of their brain. People can enjoy the simplicity of music or embark on the journey of mastering different skills in music. Dominique loves the versatility of music as a wellness tool and enjoys the music learning process. She believes that the skills that it takes to learn new instruments are transferable to other parts of your life. Kindness, patience, and resilience are just a few of the skills that you can use and develop over time.

Dominique has over 9 years of training and experience in teaching stringed instruments (Piano, Violin, Guitar, Ukulele, and others) to students from age 3 through adulthood. She has also worked with vocalists to prepare for their performances in Musical Shows. Dominique is excited to join Milkweed and work alongside clients to incorporate music into their wellness goals. Previous experience with music is not necessary but any prior experience can be built upon.


Dominique also has experience in job coaching. She has worked with teenagers and adults on creating resumes and filling out job applications as well as helping them work through workplace challenges and resolving conflicts at work.

Dominique spent many years navigating the depths of depression on her own before reaching out for help. Dominique is so grateful for the doctors, friends, and family that supported her. Her experience with depression gives her more understanding and compassion for the struggles others face that they haven’t yet shared with the world. Now she fully enjoys many activities like teaching music lessons, reading, performing in pit orchestras, and playing in her musical group TrioViva.

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