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Joshua Salt

Currently has a wait list

Provides services in CCS and Choices


Creative Arts

Peer Mentoring

Substance Use Recovery Coaching

Meditation & Mindfulness

Youth through Adult

Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

Psychosis and Hospitalizations

A lifelong seeker and artist of many mediums, Joshua joins Milkweed with deep enthusiasm to help others feel seen, heard, and supported. He hopes to create nurturing environments of emotional security with folks, enriching their lives with a real sense of optimism and empowerment no matter where they are on their life path.

As a multidisciplinary artist, artistic coach, and at-home-caretaker for many years, Joshua has honed abilities in holding space, communicating, collaborating, and developing creative ideas to work with challenges that may feel daunting. His primary motivation in life is to be a humble part of a global paradigm shift from separation and judgment to a climate of interdependence, and compassion. Embracing a "one day at a time" journey toward personal growth has led Joshua to a deep transformation toward inner peace; one he longs to share.

Josh's lived experiences with trauma, anxiety, depression, substance use, and navigating the world of mental health have led him to finding methods of sustained recovery, sobriety, and stable living. He's found ways to creatively problem solve, and has worked in tandem with holistic health alternatives to enrich his journey. After the love and support that was shown to him through his experiences, he yearns to pay it forward and help others feel less alone.

Joshua loves drawing, making music, screenplays, theatre, and film - really anything that can transmute negative energy into something positive and healing. He also loves Wim Hof method and other breathing practices to generate emotional release. Channeling tough experiences into art and mindful living allows Joshua to heal himself and others and be of service in all dimensions with his life. While he takes a very serious approach toward recovery he also loves developing a short hand and good sense of humor with people too. 

Formal Training: Jungian Mystery School, MFA: David Lynch School of Cinematic Arts, BA: Acting Columbia College Chicago, Wim Hof Method Training Courses, Meditation and Contemplative Practices (Buddhist, Taoist, Mystical Christian, Hindu), Tai Chi, musical and theatrical training of many mediums, and Viewpoints Method. He has also privately studied many teachers/philosophers extensively including Eckhart Tolle, Alan Watts, Ram Dass, and CG Jung.