The sublime feeling of mind and body wellness after a massage is familiar to many people across the world. Massage helps people feel relaxed, move more freely, and gain self-awareness. For those who are lacking healthy touch in their lives, massage is a safe way to gain the connection that such contact provides. In the emerging world of touch science, massage is widely considered to have benefits for anxiety and depression, and temporary effects on certain types of pain and immobility. This combination of mental and physical benefits makes massage a valuable aspect in recovery when used alongside active methods such as exercise. The reassurance provided by an informed, caring therapist can increase and prolong these benefits. 

Our licensed massage therapists Mellie and Chris H. have deep training in massage and bodywork therapy modalities, but also in approaches to dialogue such as peer support, which can help facilitate a more personal connection. Delivering safe touch and a healing narrative which is supported by decades of neuroscience research can decrease pain and improve emotional well-being.

We are able to meet with residents in their homes or in our Balsam Lake offices. 

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