Mattie Nicholson

Currently has a waiting list

Provides services in CCS


Individual Skills Development

Violence and Trauma Recovery and Advocacy

Mindfulness Practices

All ages 

Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

With a bachelor’s degree in social work, and a background in working with survivors and victims of domestic violence, Mattie has a trauma-informed, holistic perspective to becoming happier. She uses mindfulness and gratitude to challenge one’s inner beliefs which serve no purpose and can be changed by exploring inward.


The saying “happiness is homemade” is Mattie’s mantra, and she applies it to her personal and professional life. When a person who sees life in black and white because of things like trauma, mental health, and adversities, they have to change their mind and mindset in order to see life in color again. She helps them by challenging their current ideologies on life, and enhances their strengths they may not notice they have. People need people, and she wants to be that person who helps find the light again.


When she isn’t at work, she stays active by playing soccer, practicing yoga, and weightlifting, or calming down with lettering, creating art, having fires, and enjoying the outdoors.