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Mellie offers holistic support under the Wellness Management & Recovery Support service array utilizing yoga-based health coaching and somatic education. She offers a variety of empowerment strategies, wellness education, coping skills, and resilience training. 


She specializes in working with those who are neurodivergent and those who consider themselves empathic, highly sensitive, or strongly introverted. She especially enjoys working with adolescents. Mellie also provides psychoeducation for family members of those on the spectrum of neurodiversity who would like to gain a deeper understanding of how to holistically support their loved one.  


Her services fit well for those who want to learn about wellness and self-care tools, those who enjoy self-reflection and introspection, and those who are motivated to develop their own yoga and movement practices outside of sessions.  


Mellie has studied healing modalities since 1987. She has a background in therapeutic yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, herbal medicine, transpersonal counseling, and numerous bodywork modalities. Some of the tools she utilizes, in addition to yoga, in her whole-person approach to health coaching are: bioenergetics coaching and education, stress re-education, functional medicine-based nutrition education, meditation guidance, and personalized support with creating self-care habits. Her work includes ongoing somatic awareness practices to help build body-mind connection, encourage the parasympathetic (relaxation) response, and bring a greater sense of personal empowerment and inner peace. 


This work can have a positive effect on a person's sense of well-being, emotional regulation, resilience to stress, pain levels, quality of sleep, and more. It is a great fit for those looking to expand their knowledge and experience with a variety of wellness tools and concepts. It meets people where they are and encourages self-growth and creating constructive habits and thought patterns.  


Some of Mellie's unique personal interests include aerial circus arts, weight lifting, and foraging for edible and medicinal plants.  

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