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Nichole Manson

Currently has a waiting list

Provides services in CCS

Substance Use Recovery Coaching

Peer Support

Family and Parenting Support

Independent Living Skills


Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

All Ages and Families

Trauma Backgrounds

Nichole supports individuals and families seeking to build resiliency for the home or in life. Nichole strives to balance organic change with stretching the comfort zone. Surviving neglect, molestation and trauma in childhood as well as the emotional and financial consequences of addiction issues as a young adult. Nichole has found perspective makes the biggest difference. Nichole developed coping skills and ethics that have guided her in adventurous living. Every challenge has brought some learning. Since 2008 Nichole has been rebuilding her life, relationships and credit history to become a reliable and supportive member of the community.

Joining Milkweed has been a benefit of the community building efforts Nichole has been working towards for years. After decades of trying to fit into society, Nichole is delighted to be able to help others find a niche for their own specific comfort zone. During CPS training Nichole realized that Peer Support was a natural talent and when people trust the process and invest in their own plan or goals there is a synergy that expands the beauty of life.

Each morning Nichole takes time to care for herself through meditation, journaling, yoga, rowing or experimenting with her flowering lawn projects by watering or adapting the layout and trying to revive any plants that did not survive recently. Nichole discovered a love for eating healthy and caring for her physical health with long-term goals after quitting smoking in 2015. Part of the daily efforts is walking with her son and their hound at the dog park. Nichole enjoys riding bikes and hiking when it is not too hot or cold outside.