Microsystems Therapy (Reflexology)

Microsystems theories  examine how one part of who we are represents and communicates with other parts. Some of the most well known modalities that utilize this way of looking at the body include acupuncture and reflexology. These systems view parts of the body such as the feet, hands, scalp, abdomen, and ears as mirrors that can reflect and influence other areas.

​This is also known as holographic representation.  What this means is that smaller parts contain the same wisdom and patterns of the whole. In East Asian Medicine, humans are seen as a microcosm (smaller part) of the universe (the macrocosm). This means humans carry within them, a reflection of the organizational intelligence of the greater universe. Based on the same way of thinking, the feet, for example, carry within them the organizational intelligence of the rest of the entire body. 

Microsystems therapy excels at offering tools for relaxation, pain management, and a holistic form of whole body support. Going beyond physical symptoms, deeper into the foundational theories of these healing modalities, we also see how emotions, thoughts, personal challenges, and spiritual learning experiences manifest in the body. As such, these methods are also useful for quieting the mind, accessing inner wisdom, and supporting personal growth. 

East Asian Reflexology, Meridian Therapy, and Soku Shin Do


Feet are amazing! They are a transitional zone between yin and yang polarity changes in the acupuncture channels. They are our physical connection to the earth and our structural foundation. Reflexology's roots can be traced back an estimated 5000 or more years through China, India, and Egypt.   

When the feet are cared for, the entire body will respond. As important as the feet are, they are frequently neglected in our society by wearing shoes that don't fit properly and ignoring their needs. We forget about the delicate muscles and physical structures that need to be used and strengthened through the barefoot movements humans were designed for. 

While this work is very energetic in nature, giving it the ability to affect the mind and spirit, it is also rooted in physical communication with the body. There are direct relationships between the entire body and the energetic pathways, acu-points, reflex zones, connective tissues, and thousands of nerve endings in the feet. Using these concepts based on connection and communication, we can encourage that which is stuck to begin to move freely, helping to relieve both physical and emotional tension. The goal is always to listen to the body and encourage relaxation which can lead to powerful holistic healing effects.

Many clients report that having their feet worked on is a more relaxing than a full body massage! Reflexology may also include bodywork at the hands, ears, or scalp. These integrations may be especially helpful for stress relief and pain management. These methods work like acupuncture without the use of needles.  

While this integrative approach is most heavily influenced by Japanese acupuncture theory (including soku shin do / Japanese foot massage & meridian therapy), it also includes elements of traditional Chinese medicine theory, Master Tung style acupuncture theory, Thai yoga bodywork, Korean therapies, and Western reflexology.  This is a great needle-free way to get the benefits of East Asian Medicine!  

Korean Hand Therapy


Korean Hand Therapy (KHT) is a form of microsystems therapy that stimulates points on the hands to offer pain management and holistic, whole-body support. 

Auricular (Ear) Therapy


Auricular (ear) therapy stimulates points on the ears and is most often used for pain management and calming the mind. 

Our reflexology provider is Mellie.

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