Tracy Chipman

Currently has one opening

Provides services in CCS, Choices





All ages - females only

Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

 Tracy draws from her experiences and training as a storyteller, Yoga instructor and Ayurvedic Wellness coach bringing transformational processes and self-care tools to Milkweed Connections. Tracy offers her experiences and skills to individuals based on their unique needs: storytelling coaching, Ayurvedic & Wellness coaching, breathing exercises (pranayama), Yoga, journaling and meditation. 


The world is made of stories…and sometimes telling your story can be hugely powerful to lay claim and/or re-claim one’s life. On the other hand, certain stories that we tell ourselves can limited our growth.  As a tool and process, storytelling can be a powerful way to explore stories/events that are difficult to talk about and tell.  Storytelling in a safe and trusting setting can allow a person to claim the experiences and events in one’s life in an empowering and transformational way.  Also the re-framing or re-storying of certain events in our lives can support positive shifts and changes. Ayurveda, along with Yoga are storehouses of great wisdom that Tracy has incorporated into her life for over 20 years. Tools from these bodies of knowledge have helped her navigate the great adventures/challenges of her life, from anxiety to PTSD, Lyme disease to menopause. She feels her role now is to share what she can with others. 


 Tracy is a native born Wisconsinite who has lived in all four corners of this amazing state, and Country. As a storyteller and Yoga instructor she works with all ages offering the ancient power and wisdom of both storytelling and Yoga to help deepen our meaning of life.