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Our Team - Administrative Team

Kim 2023.jpg
Kim Blue

Kim joined the Admin Team at Milkweed Connections at the beginning of Summer 2021. Her primary areas of focus are referrals and onboarding, and she works with the rest of the Admin Team to coordinate the smooth flow of day-to-day Milkweed tasks. Always striving for work life balance, she juggles her family adventures with work adventures and finds them both challenging and rewarding. Her professional background includes writing, editing, human resources, grant writing and administrative support, with an academic background in English and Women's Studies. In her free time, she loves learning things, growing things, reading things, finding things, and taking pictures of things. She also loves to spend time with her family, who make her laugh every day.

Kate 2023.jpg
Kate Laird

Kate is proud to be one of the founding members of Milkweed Connections and has continued to serve on the admin team since its inception in 2017. Her main administrative duties include contract administration and program development. Kate additionally provides direct services through the CCS and Choices programs. She is passionate about providing truly person-centered services, as well as creating and supporting meaningful work for members of her community. Her educational background is in social sciences and psychology, and she is a WI Certified Peer Specialist as well as a Recovery Coach. In her free time, Kate enjoys spending time with her two cats, family, and friends, being in nature, and working on projects and hobbies around the home.

Astrid Hayden

Astrid has a history of working in behind-the-scenes administrative roles for community-building organizations. She joined the admin team in June 2023, helping to support Milkweed and its providers through work in finance, billing, compliance, and record keeping. Astrid has a professional background in bookkeeping, human resources, grant writing, and executive board support. When not at work, Astrid can be found gardening, baking bread, or reading.

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