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Choices (First Episode Psychosis)


Services We Provide

Within the Choices program, Milkweed provides Certifed Peer Support, informed by additional training in such topics as trauma awareness, shared decision making, and specialized peer approaches for those experiencing unusal states.

Peer Support/Mentoring

About Choices

Choices is a community program for youth and young adults ages 15-25 who are experiencing voices, visions, or other distressing issues that fall under what is referred to as “first episode psychosis.” In collaboration with Dunn County Human Services and the Western Region Recovery and Wellness Consortium (WRRWC), Milkweed Connections is providing peer support for the Choices program.


Using a Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) model, participants in the Choices program are able to choose community-based supports for their unique situation. This can include education and support regarding voices and visions (for both the individual and family members), connection to community resources, exploring employment or educational goals, learning new coping skills, deciding if and when medication is used, and connecting with others who have gone through similar experiences.


This model of support uses shared decision making and is guided by the knowledge that healing and recovery is a likely outcome when an individual has early access to supports that build on their unique strengths. As individuals providing peer support, Milkweed team members can bring hope, reassurance, and connection, based on their own experiences of navigating similar difficult circumstances. 


This program is currently free to residents of western Wisconsin who reside in Buffalo, Burnett, Chippewa, Dunn, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, Rusk, and Washburn counties. For more information, please contact your home county’s behavioral health department. You may also contact the Dunn County Human Services Access Line at 715-232-1116 or email .

To view our Choices providers, go here.

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