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Chippewa County CSP, Crisis, and Recovery House



Milkweed is proud to partner with Chippewa County to provide peer support, recovery coaching, and independent living skills to participants in Chippewa County CSP, Crisis, and Recovery House Programs.

CSP:  Community Support Program 

The CSP program provides case management and psychosocial rehabilitation services provided by a multi-disciplinary treatment team to serve adults labeled with serious and persistent mental illness. CSP is a state certified program, with all services provided within the county system.

EMH:  Emergency Mental Health (Crisis Program) 

The Crisis Program provides coordinated immediate response to a mental health emergency, followed by linkage and follow up services. Crisis services are open to everyone with no specific eligibility requirements. EMH is a state certified program, staffed by either county or contracted agency workers.



The Chippewa County Recovery House provides support and services in a semi-structured setting while individuals are working on substance abuse and mental health recovery. It serves as a transitional living home for individuals often discharging from group home level care and moving toward independent living in their own home. The Recovery House offers peer support specialist services to assist consumers in connecting with community supports and activities to provide structure, as well as AA/NA meetings to assist with their recovery, as well as providing individual support.

Services Offered

Milkweed Connections team member Daniel Erickson is able to offer recovery coaching, peer support, and independent living skills to participants in the Chippewa County CSP, Crisis, and Recovery House programs. Daniel's lived experience with substance use, mental health, and legal challenges inspires him to walk side-by-side with program participants experiencing similar challenges. Learn more about Daniel here.

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Substance Use
Recovery Coaching
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Peer Support
Independent Living Skills
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