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Milkweed Connections currently provides PSP Services through Dunn County Family and Children's Services

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About PSP

Our peers provide side-by-side support and coaching to participants while they navigate the complex DHS, Child Welfare, and Treatment Court Systems. We provide education and clarity about what is required of participants, support people on their recovery journeys, and assist people to build skills, wellness, and resiliency.


This could include attending various activities alongside people, such as:

  • Court and related activities

  • Any stipulated or court-ordered parenting class

  • 12-step or other self-help groups

  • Appointments


This could include working side-by-side with people on personal and court-ordered areas of growth, such as:

  • Obtaining safe and adequate housing, employment, driver’s license and transportation

  • Community involvement/engagement/participation

  • Life skill building and decision making such as organizing, budgeting, cooking, etc.

  • Exploring healthy outlets and hobbies such as art, connection with nature, exercise and sports, holistic health practices, etc.

Milkweed Connections contracts with Dunn County Department of Human Services to bring these services to people participating in the Dunn County Family Treatment Court and/or who have CHIPS cases, or are involved in the juvenile justice system. A social worker will need to make a referral to receive these services. These supports are also available to people enrolled in the CCS program in any county in which we provide services through CCS.


Please check out our brochure or click on the following to learn more about some of the types of service which may be included:

Substance Use
Recovery Coaching
Family and Parenting Support
Independent Living Skills

Our PSP Providers


In People Supporting People we identify as peers because we have a common history of life challenges which may include substance use, mental health, family disruption, and/or trauma concerns. As peers we can share our own recovery stories, successes, and challenges, in a way that honors our mutuality and provides a safe outlet to others seeking support.

Our supporters are chosen based upon their interpersonal skills, successes, and proven abilities to overcome obstacles. Our peers have lived experience and have been involved with or directly affected by the Department of Human Services (DHS) due to child protection issues. Those who have had their children removed from their primary care have since been successfully reunified. Our supporters have received formal training in peer support and recovery coaching.

It is these experiences that make our supporters so beneficial to families who are currently receiving DHS services due to child protection issues. They are able to offer hope, realistic advice, and advocacy for families. In addition, they form a critical link between the DHS worker, other professionals, and the family.

Brianna Traut

Substance Use Recovery Coaching, Independent Living Skills, 

Peer Mentoring

Nycki Wallsch

Substance Use Recovery Coaching, Independent Living Skills, 

Peer Mentoring

Andrew Garr

Substance Use Recovery Coaching, Independent Living Skills, 

Peer Mentoring

Danielle Harmon

Peer Mentoring

Independent Living Skills


Melinda Degenhardt

Substance Use Recovery Coaching, Independent Living Skills, 

Peer Mentoring

Shelley DeSmith

Family and Parenting Support, Peer Support

Creative Arts, Individual Skill Development

Hope Kissinger

Peer Support

Yoga Instruction

Reentry and Reunification

Chom Her

Peer and Youth Mentoring


Fitness Coaching

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