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Becoming a Team Member

Thanks for your interest in working with Milkweed Connections.  We have prepared this web page as a way for you to get familiarized with the nature and requirements of our work and the structure of our company.  If after reading this you are interested in applying to become a team member, please email us at and include a résumé and cover letter describing why this work is of interest to you.

Milkweed Connections actively values the contributions of team members who have lived experience with a wide variety challenging backgrounds including involvement with the legal system. If you have a record and would like to know if you are eligible to work with our group, please know that eligibility to work with Milkweed is determined by your eligibility to work in the programs through which we provide services, such as CCS, which is determined by state statute. There are certain convictions that may require gathering additional documentation or completing a rehabilitation review prior to being able provide services. To learn more about these statutes and what our contracts require, please review this document provided by one of our largest contracts regarding eligibility to work with the CCS program.

We are not actively recruiting new team members at this time, however, if you would like to submit application materials for the following position(s), we will hold onto your materials for review during our next recruitment period:


Organizational Structure of Milkweed Connections


Everyone who works for Milkweed Connections is a co-owner of the business and is self-employed.  These facts mean that each team member has responsibilities that go above and beyond conventional employment.  All team members are expected to contribute to the functioning and well-being of our business as well as manage the details of their self-employment (such as filing estimated tax payments throughout the year).  We have designated team members who manage administrative tasks such as managing referrals, invoicing, payroll, financial management, overseeing documentation, etc.  However, the larger vision and strategic planning for Milkweed is held by all team members on an equal basis.

We operate with shared decision-making.  We have a Coordinating Team and an Administrative Team for managing day-to-day logistics and decision-making, but ultimately we are committed to a non-hierarchical business model.  There are no “bosses” at Milkweed; we offer each other support and assistance in a spirit of mutuality.  For many people, this requires a paradigm shift in how to approach one’s workplace and co-workers, since most workplaces are not organized in this way.  Prospective team members must have a willingness to learn about our process and to shoulder both the empowerment and responsibility of working within shared decision-making

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