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Comprehensive Community Services (CCS)

Counties We Serve

Milkweed Connections currently provides CCS services for 14 counties in Northwestern Wisconsin: Barron, Buffalo, Burnett, Chippewa, Clark, Dunn, Eau Claire, Pepin, Pierce, Polk, Rusk, St. Croix, Trempealeau, and Washburn Counties. Provider availability varies by county - please see our list of CCS providers for details. 

A picture of the counties we serve
About CCS

About CCS


Comprehensive Community Services (CCS) is a voluntary, community-based program, intended to help people of all ages live their best life. It is open to those who have a mental health and/or substance use diagnosis, and provides a range of supports to help meet each individual’s unique goals. The team of providers is chosen by the participating individual from a range of available options, and may be changed as needed. The concept of “recovery” is central to CCS, and participants enroll in the program for a period of time while they build their own network of community supports and develop personal skills and resources. People who are not in inpatient treatment but are at risk of hospitalization during times of crisis may benefit from CCS. To enroll in the program, people contact the Department of Health Services of their county of residence - CCS is offered in almost every county in Wisconsin.  


Milkweed has a large number of providers working with CCS. Some of us provide peer support and mentoring or recovery coaching. Some of us are skilled in using such arts as yoga, music, storytelling, and meditation as pathways to well-being. Some of us help develop skills for daily living, such as organizing one’s house or learning better communication. And some of us work with specific populations, such as LGBTQIA+ or those who have been incarcerated.

Underlying our numerous ways of working with people is an understanding of having “been there,” because all Milkweed providers identify as having dealt with difficult life circumstances including trauma, incarceration, substance use issues, and/or mental health struggles. This is the Milkweed difference, bringing our authentic selves to each encounter, sharing from our past experiences as appropriate, and creating relationships with participants which model healthy interactions for life beyond CCS. 


Supports Offered

Everything Milkweed does is with peer values and perspective - we bring our whole selves to every service we provide. In CCS we can provide services under the arrays of Peer Support, Wellness Management and Recovery, Individual Skills Development and Enhancement, and Individual and Family Psychoeducation. Please click the links below to learn more about our services and supports. Availability varies by county.

Peer Services

Certified Peer support, LGBTQIA+, Recovery Coaching, and more

Skills Development

Independent living skills, problem solving, organization, health, relationships, and more

Wellness Pathways

Yoga, WRAP, fitness coaching, arts, and more


Our CCS Providers

Currently all of our providers work in the CCS program. View pictures and bios for all of our CCS providers here.

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