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Somatic therapies are body-centered healing modalities. Somatics is a field of bodywork and movement arts that emphasizes the importance of the body's internal perceptions, sensations, and communications. Just as the body is a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and experiences, the body also directly influences all of these things as well.  

Somatics is the art of being fully in one's body. These practices include cultivating mindfulness and awareness in order to help us achieve personal transformation and greater alignment with our soul's purpose. Somatic therapies provide stepping stones to help reach fuller integration of body, mind and spirit.  Where are you feeling that sensation? Are you holding your breath? Where is your flow blocked? How does that sense of tightness relate to other things happening in your life right now? Through this work, you will become more mindful and trusting of the messages your body is giving you while gaining tools to clarify and unblock what is stuck.

These practices help tap into the body's immense wisdom, including important keys to supporting well-being across the whole body-mind-spirit system.  Through teaching the body to relax, paying attention to its internal messages, and changing stuck patterns through conscious awareness, great strides in healing and self-growth can take place.

​​​Session goals always include a focus on relaxation, supporting self-care, mind-body-spirit connection, and encouraging you to tune in to the wisdom you already possess through your own sense of inner knowing. ​

Yoga-based movement sessions draw from a variety of systems. They are always customized to your goals and preferences and may also include elements of: 

  • Qigong & Eastern Movement Arts

  • Reflexology for Self Care

  • Biodynamic Energy Medicine

  • Rewilding & Natural Movement Concepts

  • Thai Yoga Bodywork

  • Circus & Aerial Arts Conditioning

  • East Asian Medicine Theory

  • ​​Body Awareness  Practices

  • Breathwork

  • Play (including balance and coordination work)

  • ​​Self Growth Practices


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