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Trayton Pankratz

Currently has a waiting list

Provides services in CCS


Peer and Youth Mentoring

Youth through Adult


Trayton is originally from central Wisconsin and moved to Eau Claire to attend school. He has recently graduated from UW Eau Claire with a Bachelor's of Business Administration with a Management emphasis. He also has minor studies in Finance and Psychology. 
Trayton has worked in the mental health field for four years in a variety of settings. He enjoys working with people of all backgrounds, and spending time in the community. Trayton enjoys helping individuals use their interests to find things they are passionate about and to help live their best life. 
Trayton also is currently a Sergeant in the Wisconsin Army National Guard, where he serves as a Gunner on a Howitzer Cannon. He has been in the National Guard for 5 years. 


Trayton has lived experience of loss, and through this experiences has learned healthier ways of dealing with loss and other personal struggles. Activities that have helped him include personal meditation, goal setting and exercise.
In his free time Trayton enjoys spending time outdoors, golfing, fishing, gaming, and cooking. He also enjoys spending quality time with family and friends; where he found strong peer support himself when going through life's many challenges. 

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