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Leah Wohlsdorf

Currently has a waiting list

Provides services in CCS

Peer Support

Creative Arts

Holistic Wellness

Meditation and Mindfulness

Nutrition & Fitness Coaching

Self-Esteem & Boundaries

Spiritual Support

Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Eating Disorder/Anorexia

Intercultural Challenges 

Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

Suicidal Ideation 

With a master’s degree major in comparative and international development education and minor in public health, Leah worked for several overseas and domestic nonprofit organizations focused on the empowerment of women and children, including work specifically around grief.  These experiences forged her strong background in Spanish, French and Mandarin Chinese, as well as her passion for serving culturally marginalized people. Highly intuitive, Leah is adept at understanding those who struggle to communicate their thoughts and emotions, and she has a particular affinity for supporting individuals who, like her, find themselves on the autism spectrum.

In Leah’s private life, she’s dedicated to Yoga and Buddhist studies and applying these teachings in the way that she approaches everyday situations.  For fun there’s always art and music.  Leah used to play the piano, violin and guitar, while these days she tends to prefer her tongue drum and singing bowl.  In warm weather, she gets outdoors as much as possible to bike, roller-blade, swim or gather wild edibles.

Leah finds great fulfillment in helping people to unlearn habits that no longer serve them, to discover strength that is healthy and relevant, and to embrace the joy and wonder they knew before the world got its hands on them.  Her approach primarily focuses on self-love in a holistic mind-body-spirit practice.  She incorporates a wide variety of tools with the pervasive theme of interest and enjoyment in one’s daily life.  Leah's methods can include health coaching, art, community involvement, meditation and mindfulness. 

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