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Spiritual Support

Spiritual support involves helping discover meaning and purpose in life, and how to make choices based on what matters most to a person. Sometimes after a major life event like trauma, recovering from substance use, or surviving a period of emotional distress, we find ourselves reflecting on life and wondering “What next? What does it all mean? Who am I now, and what do I care about most?” Spiritual support is one way to explore these questions.

Spiritual support will look different for each person and their individual needs, values, and culture. It can involve using reflection tools like the HOPE or FICA to help start conversation, or it can involve trying a range of spiritual practices like meditation, listening to meaningful music, volunteer work, attending a religious service, or going for a walk in nature. Spiritual support does not promote any belief system over another, and is always guided by the choices of person who is being supported.

Our team member Leah provides wide-ranging spiritual support, and other members provide more specific support in this area. Please inquire for details!

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