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Independent Living Skills

In the US the independent living movement gained a following in the 1960s as activism for the rights of people with disabilities took hold. Efforts by activists led to a social ideology that expressed the importance of self-help and training-for-all with an understanding that skills needed to be obtained in for success to occur.


Independent living skills training at Milkweed Connections is designed to provide individuals skills needed for the opportunity to live as independently and as harmoniously as possible regardless of their recovery status or current living situation. We provide a person-centered approach to teaching independent living skills that is focused on wellness, recovery, and mindfulness. We are committed to the concept of “meeting people where they are at” and building from there. By working with people to understand/identify their strengths we help them find alternate ways to meet their own personal goals. Milkweed Connections provides independent living skills training in the following areas:

  • personal growth and awareness

  • problem solving

  • self identity

  • spiritual identity

  • personal safety

  • organization/home management

  • community access

  • nutrition/exercise

  • employment

  • health care

  • interpersonal relationships

  • creative expression

  • emotional stability

  • cultural awareness

All of our providers work with people on developing independent living skills in some shape or form. Some of our providers who enjoy and are skilled at providing a variety of independent living skills are: Brett, Dan, Ombasa, KateTerra, Mary, and Abby

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