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Tai Chi & Qi Gong

As meditation in motion, tai chi is an ideal mind-body exercise for those seeking healthy calm. Slow movements done with awareness support one's ability to relax in the midst of action. Emotional self-awareness and regulation deepen via the attention placed on both outer and inner aspects of the physical body. While more research is still needed, the effects of tai chi on mental states, including stress, are regarded as promising. Physically, tai chi develops leg strength, mobility, and greater power through improved body mechanics.

Sometimes taught as a martial art, tai chi is versatile enough to be used by people of varying ages and health levels. For those with chronic pain, tai chi provides a form of graded movement, which can deliver exercise benefits without provoking rebound pain. For those with limited space or physical ability, tai chi and its component pieces (qi gong) can be easily adapted as needed. 


Our instructors have a wide background in meditation, martial arts, and other movement practices, so students can receive an individuated and well-rounded curriculum. Because our instructors are also versed in mentoring and peer support, students are additionally coached to create daily practices that support recovery in their own lives. 

Our tai chi and qi gong instructor is Rachel.

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