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Rachel Hayden

Currently has a wait list.

Provides services in CCS, Choices

Peer Support

LGBTQIA + Peer Support

Tai Chi and Martial Arts

Meditation and Mindfulness


Personal Medicine Coaching

Ages 14+


Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

Being different in this world is beautiful and hard. As a queer trans woman who has dealt with her own mental health and substance use struggles,  Rachel knows this well. Realizing and becoming who she is was not an easy process. She made use of all of her developed supports in order just to get through gender transition and navigate society as her new self, but also to use the energy of personal transformation to grow beyond who she thought she could be. This required connecting to community as well as going deeper within. In her work with others, she uses gentle encouragement and a safe presence to help others do the same, which is her greatest joy!


Rachel has been working directly with cognitive science and psychology professors to develop a better framework for gender and help people who are in transition or trying to understand gender issues. Her work on this has been called "brilliant" by noted professors in the field, and comes from her real-life experience instead of the classroom. To help others unfold their growth process, she has also trained in areas like Intentional Peer Support, Recovery Coaching, Personal Medicine, Hearing Voices Network facilitator training, philosophical dialogue, martial arts, meditation, chronic pain coaching, and Authentic Relating. She has mentored and collaborated with cognitive scientist John Vervaeke to develop a framework for personal and community spiritual development, cultivating a sense of meaning and connection regardless of one's personal beliefs. 


Her personal supports include mindfulness and contemplative practices, playing and listening to music, movement arts like tai chi and karate, lifting kettlebells, philosophy, and especially spending time with good friends. Her family and martial arts community are huge supports in her life. She loves chocolate, coffee, art and music, science fiction, bunnies, going for walks, and cooking. "There's nothing better than brunch with friends," she is known to say.