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Rachel Hayden

Currently has a waiting list

Provides services in CCS, Choices

Peer Support

Substance Use Recovery Coaching

Martial Arts

Meditation and Mindfulness

Creative Arts
Chronic Pain Support

Personal Medicine Coaching

Youth through Adult


Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

Meaning, authenticity, connection. After decades of working toward personal growth, Rachel has found these three to be vital for living a good life. She comes to Milkweed to help others cultivate personal meaning, express authenticity, and find connectedness with the world. This work is always done in relationship - no one can do it for someone else, but no one can do it alone! Relationship is both the way to develop these, and the end result of doing so.  


Rachel works well with people who don't fit in, who are the odd ducks, the "weird sheep" of the family. She has been one her whole life, and has learned to own it. Adjusting to attention problems, having gone through mood issues and substance use struggles, being a non-binary transgender person, liking both mellow folk and intense metal music... these are the kinds of things that have made her radically accepting of people from many backgrounds. Where other people see weeds, she sees beauty. 


Her formal training includes: Peer support certification, Recovery Coach training, Meditation and contemplative practices (Buddhist, Daoist, and Stoic), martial arts and tai chi, music and creative writing,  certification in evidence-based chronic pain rehabilitation, suicide and hearing voices workshops, and narrative medicine. Informally, she has worked hard to develop critical thinking skills and understand philosophy and cognitive science to improve her own thinking and develop wisdom, which are also key to a better life.