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Abby Flesch

Currently has a waiting list

Provides services in CCS


Family and Parenting Support

Independent Living Skills

Peer Mentoring

Grief Support

Youth through Adults

Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

Abby graduated from UW-Stout in 2017 with a degree in Vocational Rehabilitation, and then found her passion in social work, becoming licensed in 2019. This, however, was not her original plan - in 2011, she had just started training to become a linewoman, climbing poles to set up electricity, when her 20-year-old-son died by suicide. This, she says, is where her real journey began.


Along with the love of her parents and grandparents, being the youngest of five children has given Abby her best qualities: "My oldest sister taught me endurance; the belief that things will get better, however long it may take. My second oldest sister instilled in me the non-judgemental views and empathy I feel about humankind. My third sister nourished my confidence and believed in my ability do do whatever I set out to achieve. Fourth, my brother - well, what can I say, the only boy in the family gave me the courage to literally fight back."


After many life learning experiences, along with the education and support that Abby has received thus far, she is ready to give back. She is compelled to help others through their journeys with heartfelt listening, humor, compassion, and encouragement of their strengths to find the happiness that is in all of us.

Abby has been with her husband for 39 years and has a daughter, age 28. She says, "Just like a child, put me outside or put me in water, and I'll be happy!"

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