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In Sanskrit Yoga means to yoke or unite. Yoga is about uniting together your body’s movement with the rhythm of your breath and the power of your awareness.  The experience of Yoga that we offer is more than just being flexible and doing poses. It includes physical poses and also breathing exercises and meditation practices. This is a practice that can be performed on a yoga mat or sitting in a chair…seriously if you can sit in a chair YOU can do Yoga.


Benefits of a regular Yoga practice can help:

  • Calm the mind.

  • Build strength, flexibility & tone in the body and mind.

  • Support better decision making and more healthy life style choices.

  • Help you be ‘your best self’ more and more!

  • Offer indirect support to your family members -- when you are more balanced, calm and grounded you can offer more.

Our trained yoga instructors are: Terra and Hope

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