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Dan Strehlau

Currently has a waiting list

Provides services in CCS, PSP

Peer Support

Peer Mentoring

Parent Mentoring

Independent Living Skills

Fitness Coaching


All ages 

Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

Trauma Backgrounds

Dan joins Milkweed Connections with a wide variety of professional experiences.  Dan has followed the path of serving as a CCS Service Provider, then a CCS Service Facilitator with his journey leading him back to being a provider through Milkweed Connections.  Dan has a passion for meeting people where they are and walking alongside them through the trenches and facing day-to-day struggles they may be experiencing.  Dan is skilled at identifying solutions and helping participants develop a plan of action to be successful.  

Dan’s personal experiences with PTSD, periods of chronic anxiety, depression and general feelings of hopelessness have helped him to develop the passion and skills to meet people where they are.  Connecting with people has played an integral part in Dan’s life.  As a male peer who has experienced mental health challenges, he also understands and effectively navigates societies views related to men with mental health issues.  In a culture where men do not talk about feelings or open up about their mental health, Dan shatters through these stigmas with a direct and caring approach while providing space for individuals to talk openly about their experiences and challenges. Stigma and negative views can be permanently damaging to grown men and even more destructive to youth and teenagers. Dan strives to support individuals as they navigate these challenges through mutual support and dignity. 

Away from work Dan spends time with his family and dogs.  Dan enjoys experiencing the outdoors through hiking, running, biking, and kayaking.   Dan has embraced the healing of physical activities through training for Tough Mudder races, circuit training, running, step counting, restorative yoga, rucking and regular walks. Most of these activities include one if not two of his dogs.  Dan can often be seen wearing a shirt with a paw print on it with the saying “Some Therapists have four legs”.  All animals can have a healing power with their presence and companionship.  Dan uses meditation, yoga and working out to maintain physical and mental health.  Dan has experienced the mind-body connection healing process and can provide instruction and skill building to participants in these modalities.

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