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Fitness Mentoring

Regular exercise has a multitude of physical health benefits. On top of that, exercise is widely believed to have huge mental health benefits, and can even help people who are trying to decrease their use of substances such as alcohol and drugs. Exercise has been shown to:

  • Release feel-good endorphins

  • Take your mind off of worries

  • Help you gain confidence

  • Increase your social interaction

  • Provide healthy coping mechanisms

We can work with individuals to tailor an exercise program that can be fun and challenging for anyone. Our providers make use of local gyms, the great outdoors, and home practices to find what works for you. Additionally, we can provide education on making healthy nutritional choices and provide hands-on experience preparing healthy meals.

All of our providers are happy to support people to work on their fitness and nutrition goals. 

Our providers who have training and experience working on health and fitness goals include Brett, Dan, Hope, Marie and Ombasa.

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