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Nyachio Ombasa "Ombasa"

Currently has availability

Provides services in CCS, Choices and PSP


Fitness Coaching

Peer Support

Independent Living Skills


Children through Adults

Ages 10+

Substance Use Challenges

Ombasa joins Milkweed Connections with a wide variety of professional and life experiences.  Some of his skills include providing support and mentorship to individuals re-entering the community from extended and temporary care living facilities.  In addition, Ombasa has worked with individuals to empower them through physical fitness, nutrition, and wellness planning.  Ombasa is an avid outdoor enthusiast, with passions for running, fishing, working out, and playing soccer, to name a few.  Ombasa believes physical exercise and activity has been foundational to his success in overcoming barriers, working through trauma, and providing support to others. 

Ombasa was born and raised in Africa and moved to Wisconsin in 2010.  His experience with struggling to support himself in a foreign land and plant roots in a community so different from those he knew growing up, has led him to becoming an excellent mentor for those who are trying to find their way through hardship and adversity.  Along Ombasa’s journey, there has been tragedy that resulted in him discovering the importance of turning to others in the community for support.  Ombasa now sees his role as a community member to assist people who are going through similar challenges.  He values his ability to relate to people from many different cultural backgrounds.  This trait has made him extremely effective at providing support and mentorship. 

Ombasa enjoys spending time with his family.  He is the proud father of a baby girl, who he says has further shaped his perspective on the beauty that can be experienced in life.  Ombasa is an avid soccer player and runner.  He enjoys participating in soccer leagues and training for marathons with his friends.  Ombasa’s positive view of what can be possible if we look out for one another is contagious, and he sees the infinite potential of every human being.    

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