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Reentry Support

Reentry is the process of ending a period of incarceration (jail, prison, institutionalization) and returning to regular society. The reentry process is individualized and highly dependent on several factors including a reentering individual's sentence structure, incarceration experience, and post-release resources. The recidivism rate currently stands at 68% of the 700,000 people released nationwide annually within the first three years.

Current reentry programs are making great efforts to reduce this recidivism rate and advocate for solutions aimed to help people being released from incarceration. These programs help individuals reenter society by addressing mental health and substance use issues, trauma, obtaining housing and employment, (re)connecting with their families, community integration, and becoming productive members of society.

Using a person-centered approach, our team of peer supporters strive to meet each individual where they are at in the reentry process and explore solutions for successful reentry. We come equipped with a vast amount of lived experience and can act as guides to resources, assist with community integration and provide skill building.  We are available to attend a variety of appointments and meetings with participants. Each peer supporter offers unique support. Some of the services that can be offered include yoga and meditation, mindfulness, daily living skills, mental health and substance use recovery, trauma recovery, and fostering of community connections. We are individuals striving to live our best lives while providing support and hope to those who are in various stages of their own reentry journey. 

Our reentry providers are Tricia, Hope, Charlie and Daniel.

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