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Ryan 2023 photo.jpg

Ryan Sawyer

Currently has a waiting list

Provides services in CCS and Choices

Peer Support

Youth Mentoring

Independent Living Skills

Fitness Coaching

All Ages

Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

Ryan joins Milkweed Connections to provide peer support, mentoring, and skill development. He enjoys watching people learn more about themselves, grow, and participate in activities which help make life more enjoyable. He is also a proud parent of a Siberian Husky.


Ryan is a big supporter of community involvement and peer mentoring. He spent most of his college time participating in various organizations built around respect, mutuality, and change. “I believe the environment and people we interact with can have an impact on our everyday life. Everyone is unique in their own way and we all have our own challenges and strengths. It was a long process for me, but now I want to help others to live a life with purposefulness and fortitude.


Ryan enjoys listening to music, playing video games, and playing guitar. He also enjoys running, biking, and being in the outdoors. He also has a passion for community building and creating healthy relationships with others.

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