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Zachary Hoff

Currently has a waiting list

Provides services in CCS


Peer Support


Peer and Youth Mentoring

Independent Living Skills

16+ through Adult

Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

Originally from Marshfield, Zachary moved to the Eau Claire area to attend college and has been around the Chippewa Valley ever since.

Zachary has worked in the mental health field for over six years in a variety of settings.

Zachary has dealt with unique issues that stem from trauma, abandonment, isolation and alcohol and drug abuse.

When Zachary was 16 years old, a traumatic brain injury from falling off a bike made ordinary tasks in life more difficult to complete and frankly even start.  Zachary tried to self-medicate by using alcohol and other drugs and also isolation to help deal with the traumatic experiences of the past which in the long run did just the opposite.

Zachary learned how to live with those traumas by maintaining healthy habits and by creating a good strong foundation of family and friends. By using an outlet of writing music and singing songs Zachary has learned to be open and see that change can lead to a better self. By learning to build bridges and knock down barriers Zachary has been able to see life in a full view and now enjoys the outdoors, golfing, playing music, fishing, video and board gaming, and is an avid Wisconsin sports fan. He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend and friends and family.

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