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Music is a vital part of recovery and well-being for countless people. It brings us into connection with each other, with our emotions, with our bodies, and with our capacity to make meaning in the world. From ancient times, the rhythms of our life have circled around the rhythms we make. Emerging research has indicated the value of making and listening to music for nervous system regulation, potentially protecting against psychiatric problems such as anxiety and depression, and processing emotions and interpersonal relationships. 


Milkweed Connections provides a range of options for those who benefit from the mind-body practice of playing and writing music and lyrics. Participants are given the freedom to explore music and themselves in whichever ways are most beneficial to them. This could include lessons on a variety of instruments, recording and producing songs in our music lab, playing together with Milkweed team members, or just exploring a variety of instruments and interests to see what fits.


We have a full music lab in our Menomonie office, with guitars, bass, electronic drums, percussion, ukuleles, electric piano, and various synthesizer equipment, as well as recording hardware and software. We also have a variety of instruments at our creative space in Balsam Lake. Our members can also bring the music to you with live instruments or laptops. Our growing program will continue to add opportunities for participation at every level of skill.

We are committed to making the creative art process as individual as possible for each person we work with. We provide mindful creative expression to all ages and all ability levels.

Our team members who can support others to use music as part of their recovery journey are Zachary, Daniel, Dominique and Rachel.

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