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Blaine Halverson

Currently has availability

Provides services in CCS



Independent Living Skills

Creative Arts (Theater, Music, Comedy, and Writing)

Goal Setting and Time Management

Family and Parenting Support

Youth through Adult

Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

Trauma Backgrounds

Blaine is known for his energy, a ready laugh, an approachable demeanor and an ability to build strong rapport with a variety of individuals.


Blaine comes to Milkweed with a strong drive to serve people by helping them discover their own unique vision for growth, learning and change, with a focus on building connection and confidence. His broad experience working as a professional speaker, corporate trainer, youth theater director, and special education paraprofessional, combine to give him a uniquely integrated approach for kids, teens and adults of all ages.


But what also informs the person Blaine is, and is becoming, is lived experience with trauma, abuse, addiction & recovery, divorce & family separation, anxiety, chronic depression, and suicidal ideation. These experiences enable him to readily empathize with, and offer support to, others facing similar circumstances. 


Blaine enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids, long road trips, creative endeavors (like acting, directing, music and writing), being a student of comedy, swimming, listening to music (especially 90s Alternative/Grunge and The Beatles), and getting overly emotionally attached to his favorite sports teams.

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