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Creative Arts

In the 1940s the idea of using art in a therapeutic manner began to take hold in the US and across Europe. One of the first known people to identify the discipline of “Art Therapy” was Adrian Hill who used art while living in a sanatorium in England and who wrote the book, “Art versus Illness”.


Milkweed Connections uses the creative arts to help individuals identify their authentic self and create an alternative space for healing through creative expression. We promote mindful creative expression to help address feelings, identify moods, develop coping skills, heal emotional wounds, and provide alternative ways of interacting in a peer support situation. The creative arts allow individuals freedom to share thoughts and needs with others in a way that makes sense personally. Individuals benefit from using the creative process as a tool for healing because art is not “right” or “wrong”… it just “is”. We also promote a connection between art and nature by using nature in the creative process.


We have creative spaces in our office locations in Menomonie and Balsam Lake, fully stocked with arts and craft supplies for the beginner or advanced artist.

Our team members also use ‘mobile art studios,’ whereas we bring creative arts to people in their homes and/or community to make the process the most comfortable for the person.


We are committed to making the creative art process as individual as possible for each person we work with. We provide mindful creative expression to all ages and all ability levels.


Some of the interesting things we do include:

  • rock art

  • vision boards

  • water creations

  • life books

  • stenciling

  • planting/garden art

  • drawing/painting

  • journaling and creative writing

  • puppetry

  • modeling clay

  • dancing

  • acting

  • sewing

  • mosaics

  • collages

  • photography

  • knitting/crocheting

  • fully stocked sound recording studio with tools to create electronic music or record acoustic instruments and vocals in our Menomonie creative space

  • acoustic instruments in our Balsam Lake creative space

  • tools for digital design in our Menomonie creative space

Many of our team members enjoy sharing the creative arts, including Blaine, Dominique, Daniel, Shelley, Kate, Terra, Leah, Byron and Mary. Dominique and Rachel, are available for music lessons.

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