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Kate Laird

Currently has a wait list

Provides services in CCS, Choices


Certified Peer Support

Recovery Coaching

WRAP Facilitation

Independent Living Skills

All Ages

Mental Health and Substance Use Challenges

Trauma Backgrounds

Kate joins Milkweed Connections to provide peer support, mentoring, skill development, and wellness coaching. She especially enjoys supporting people to discover their strengths and to find activities and hobbies that make life healthy, joyful, and meaningful.


Kate’s personal experiences with trauma, periods of chronic anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness led her to pursue alternative avenues and whole health management to support her wellness. After experiencing a dramatic shift in her life after discovering peer support and wellness planning, Kate felt impassioned to share hope with others that they, too, can experience healing and live a life with meaning and purpose.


“I believe that being intentional about our physical health, our environment and the people we surround ourselves with, and how we spend our time can have a great impact on our quality of life. We all have different strengths and challenges. I’ve accepted who I am and built my life to make it work for me. It was a process, but in the end,  I’m not struggling to try to fit into a way of life that just wasn’t working very well.”


Kate has a wide variety of hobbies and loves finding new ways to spend her time. She enjoys traveling; cooking; working on projects and being crafty; being physically active with things like yoga, running, weightlifting, and dance; and especially enjoys spending time in nature. She has a passion for building community and forming healing relationships.